About Us
Dave Goscinski has been in the remodeling industry for over forty years. Beginning in 1975 as a roofers helper he quickly apprenticed to siding mechanic and then to carpenter. He worked for Leddy Siding for many years as Foreman then Manager Production & Sales managing all of the Leddy jobs.
In 2009 Dave created his own company JJED Remodeling expanding and adding more services.
JJED Remodeling offers a complete range of remodeling, renovating and home improvements.

JJED is an acronym for Dave’s family.

 Wife-                         Julia 
Daughter-               Julie
Daughter-            Eva
And of course        Dave
Rated A+ by BBB
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  1. Great Value
    Reasonably Priced
  2. Experience team
    All are Craftsman
  3. Every aspect counts
    Pay attention to detail
  4. Well Organized
    Makes the job go smoothly